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For business, I’m available to communicate by telephone, email, instant messaging, or in person for those in the NY/PA area. I’ve been known to travel further for large corporate projects, should the need arise. However, before you contact me with a work inquiry, I recommend visiting my FAQs page. This may answer some questions for you prior to communication.

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Fill out the form over to the right. Please be sure to be as descriptive as you can. The more details you provide, the more accurate of an estimate I can create, etc.

Note: Due to the nature of the WIld Wild Web, I make a point of not showing my physical address here, and I also don’t disclose my telephone number until you contact me via email. I would, of course, prefer to be more open about this, however, I have discovered the need to be selective with personal information through the internet. Consider it "spam control". My sincere apologies if this in any way affects initiating trust between us. If it does, my professional client references, resume and portfolio may help set your mind at ease.



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